Marbel s.j.
Skarbowców 4 Street
53-025 Wrocław
tel. +48 (71) 339 80 82
fax. +48 (71) 362 88 19
Welcome to Marbel s. j. website.

Our company was established in year 1991, and thair co-founders are Piotr Hudyma and Jerzy Kołaczkowski.
  • We operate within the area of Wrocławia (where we have our headquaters), as also in entire country of Poland and Sweden.
  • We co-operate in entire country of Poland with a lot of dynamically developing companies guaranteeing complexes
    supply of teletechnical and telecommunication materials and equipment.
  • Our company gained trust among such companies as Telekomunikacja Polska S.A., Telekomunikacja Kolejowa Sp. z o.o.,
    as also within a lot of reputable companies in entire country of Poland.
  • We have a certificates of globaly known companies such as:
  • 3M, Raychem (Tyco Electronics), Krone, Malico, Madex, Grulat, Wkręt-Met, R&S, Aldaz
    and domestic producers of materials for the needs of teletechnics and telecommunication.
  • We offer materials for construction of ground telecommunication lines and structural network lines,
    air lines, connections in cabinets, boxes, and also equipment to secure work at wells such as cable tents or roadblocks.
  • We also have full range of gel-filled cables, cable for drains/sewers, substation cables and Fibers.